Blog — PIANCA Progetti di Design 06 & 07

PIANCA Progetti di Design 06 & 07

Presented at Salone del Mobile in Milan 2023, the latest Pianca products feature in the new catalogues are dedicated to two creatives with lengthy experience in the furniture sector, Pier Luigi Frighetto and Luciano Marson.

In Progetti di Design 06, creative visionary Pier Luigi Frighetto works with full shapes and soft, curvy lines in his upholstered furniture, producing designs such as the Ella armchair, the Fedra chair and Delano Up and Nice sofas, plus the Mambo coffee table collection in three versatile table versions to use as a coffee table in front of the sofa or as a console or side table.

Download Progetti di Design 06 here.

In Progetti di Design 07, the exacting design vision of Luciano Marson, founder of Pieces of Venice, produced high quality, finely crafted furniture with simple but bold style, such as the Dedalo sideboard, and sculpted, geometric pieces with a focus on textural and visual continuity, like the Enea and Corinto tables: the first is a solid wood table with unusual surface detail that exposes the wood grain on every side, while the second is a marble table with top and legs made of layered slabs cut along the length.

Download Progetti di Design 07 here.

PIANCA Progetti di Design 06 & 07

“In recent years Pianca has invested in and made choices linked to high value design to achieve updated style and quality for its products. The new products are the result of analysis, research and development, creating briefs and choices of collaboration with designers of diverse origins and design styles who have helped strengthen and define the brand identity”, Pianca President, Aldo Pianca.

Collective looks forward to bringing the new designs to Australia in early 2024!