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Trio Sofa

Product description

Designed by Team Form AG, the Trio sofa comprises three simple elements: seating element, back-rest and corner-rest, which offer an almost endless range of combinations Рin just a few moves. Trio’s basic building block is one metre long and one metre deep, and all the other elements conform to this. It is actually quite a simple building block system Рbut one which is incredibly soft and comfortable, thanks to the high-quality materials, elaborate workmanship and intelligent internal construction, which also includes a proper slatted frame. Trio is designed for people who prefer simple solutions, versatile and practical but not conventional and is available in a range of fabrics.

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Price Range

  • POA


  • Team Form AG

Lead Time

  • 16 weeks


  • 2 years

Assembly required

  • yes


  • Footstool: W: 100 H: 38 L: 50
  • Seat Elements: W: 100/150/200/300 H: 38 L: 100
  • Backrests - Straight: W: 100/150/200 H: 28 L: 40
  • Backrests - Corner: W: 100/150/200 H: 28 L: 100

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