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Polygon Low Table

Product description

The Polygon low table is an ideal match to the modernist typology of the Polygon armchair, designed by Numen / For Use. The construction of the coffee table is made up of metal rods bent into shape with a wood, Fenix NTM or outdoor-friendly HPL top. Now you can select from a wide range of powedercoat colours for the base to truly customise and personalise your Polygon table.





Fenix NTM, Metal, Outdoor HPL, Wood

Price Range

  • $1000 - $2000


  • Numen / For Use

Lead Time

  • 16 weeks


  • 2 years

Assembly required

  • yes


  • 60: W: 60 H: 40 L: 60
  • 72: W: 72 H: 32 L: 72
  • 84: W: 84 H: 24 L: 84

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