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Trifidae Easy Chair

Product description

Trifidae are a family of seats consisting of different armchairs – the easy chair, conferenece chair, armchair and the enclosing lounge chair share the same triangulated form with the focal point in the central part, embracing the user’s lumbar area and functioning as an armrest. Application of the enclosing backrest provides an introverted, expressive chair, protecting it’s user from surrounding, while the use of the slim, high backrest ends up in an open, extrovert personality and usage of the chair. Seat Height 42/47cm.




Metal, Upholstered, Wood

Price Range

  • $3000 - $4000


  • Numen / For Use

Lead Time

  • 16 weeks


  • 2 years

Assembly required

  • no


  • Easy Chair: W: 70 H: 78 L: 68
  • Conference: W: 70 H: 89 L: 64

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