Blog — Prostoria celebrates 10 years!

In October 2021, Prostoria celebrated their anniversary with the exhibition, Prostoria 10 in the Meštrović Pavilion in Zagreb

The exhibition showcased Prostoria’s dynamic and swift development as an international furniture design brand with a strong manufacturing culture. Prostoria provided free admission so that visitors could experience the synergy of Croatian design, production, architecture, and art in Zagreb, which is used by Prostoria to promote local creativity on a global level.

The Prostoria Net art installation by Numen/For Use extended onto the lawn in front of the Meštrović Pavilion like a large piece of urban furniture. This was a special gift to Zagreb residents intended for socialising, and it was welcomed with open arms by all generations who think of it as an outdoor living room.

For Prostoria 10, a large part of the content was originally created – from the photographs related to the “Revisiting Architecture” project, which are used to connect the values of modernist architecture of Zagreb with the design language of products from Prostoria.